Who would have thought such sweltering heat would have given birth to a fresh new t-shirt company! It's hot here, intolerably so. Worse, much worse, is the humidity. It weighs down upon one to such a degree that all the ceiling and standing fans in the apartment and office have shared sense of inadequacy. Yet this sticky Hades is home to great creativity, particularly in the area of design. Some years ago, when I first started out on my own, similarly unbearable summer conditions gave me the idea for my company name - Swelter. Somewhere along the line, I thought it would be great for a t-shirt brand. Mid last year, that brand saw the light of day and is now being worn by quite a few people (bless them!) from around the world. Today's the day I start to share with you some of the Swelter designs and the stories behind them (hey, and if there aren't any, I'll make them up. You might want to help me along there.) Right now, I have no energy, I'm in the mood for a chat, and I keep filling up my glass with water. Pray for rain!

Monday, 10 September 2007


It's been awhile since I last wrote, for which my apologies. I got absorbed by my own busyness (which mainly involved business) and for a few spectacular moments, I felt on a high until I realized I was losing control of my own life. Which was probably why I got hit by a really nasty flu virus that has been hospitalizing thousands. And in between, the rest of our beautiful family emigrated to Australia. A sorry set of excuses, I know, but there we are. If you are at all like me (and I'm hoping you are in this one regard), then you have said "Sorry" (or felt it) so many times that you never want to say it again. Well, thanks to this ingenious (though I say so myself!) t-shirt, you never have to. Just one shirt pretty well apologises for everything. Leaving you free to get on with your life. Now that's a fair deal, I reckon.

If you can't read the words on the image, here they are:

for what I did
for what I didn't do
for what I said
for what I didn't say
for speaking
without thinking
for thinking
without speaking
for being who I am
for not being me
for refusing to change
for changing too much
for saying sorry too often
for not sayng it often enough.
In short, sorry for everything.
Now can we move on, please?