Who would have thought such sweltering heat would have given birth to a fresh new t-shirt company! It's hot here, intolerably so. Worse, much worse, is the humidity. It weighs down upon one to such a degree that all the ceiling and standing fans in the apartment and office have shared sense of inadequacy. Yet this sticky Hades is home to great creativity, particularly in the area of design. Some years ago, when I first started out on my own, similarly unbearable summer conditions gave me the idea for my company name - Swelter. Somewhere along the line, I thought it would be great for a t-shirt brand. Mid last year, that brand saw the light of day and is now being worn by quite a few people (bless them!) from around the world. Today's the day I start to share with you some of the Swelter designs and the stories behind them (hey, and if there aren't any, I'll make them up. You might want to help me along there.) Right now, I have no energy, I'm in the mood for a chat, and I keep filling up my glass with water. Pray for rain!

Thursday, 25 January 2007


I've been extremely privileged to have been born and brought up in Africa. No matter how much the Western world has brought in its influence, Africa is still a Dark Continent and hopefully will always be that to a large extent. It is wild, vast and awesome in the grandest meaning of the word. Whether you are honoured enough to live here, or lucky to be able to visit, one thing is for certain - you will always be touched by this great land. You will realize that you are a very small part of something much greater, that is beyond you yet connected to you, and that connects all creatures that touch its soil. Of course, such immense experiences and feelings demand a t-shirt, the greatest wearable art form and means of portable expression. Not just any t-shirt, mind you, but one from the good spirited and passionate African t-shirt brand, Swelter. A very global brand, I may add - the designs come out of Africa, the shirts are made in America and they are worn all over the world. Try this one on for size.


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